Save Money

Advertising Con

It amazes me that people can be so hoodwinked by trivial advertising. So many ads regurgitate the same lines, about saving money. Buy 10 and save £5.  Buy 20 and save £10.

Huh? How does that work? 'Inverse psychology or what?'

If you repeat your message enough times, people believe. The commonly line is: 'spend and save' I'm no mathematician, but if you want to save money, you dump it into an a savings account, you don't spend it.

If you spend money, its out your pocket or wallet. Out of your bank or savings account and into someone else's.

You spend £10 on an item, how has that saved you money? Your account is £10 down. Your now £10 or less. How has that saved you money? Saving is about increasing your bank balance, not shrinking it. Before the transaction you had £20.  After the transaction you have £10. How have you saved money? Your £10 down. Is that saving money?

To save money, increase deposits. Spending does NOT increase deposits. Spending decreases deposits. Inverse psychology fools some people into buying. Believing if they spend money, they will somehow save. How can that work?

There is one exception. And only one. When you decide to buy a new TV, Stereo, Car, DVD recorder or similar item. You have decided you are going to buy it. You have accepted the fact you will spend £200 to £300. Then find the same item for less.  That's the only occasion you have SAVED money. All other times, you have been spending money.

How good is that?