Liverpool Exit

Dalglish Sacked

Occasionally I post my views on the team I follow, Liverpool FC. Liverpool lost in the FA cup final to Chelsea, in a dire inept display. I didn't blog on their efforts in the final, as it would have been more of the same. Dalglish took them to the Carling Cup Final and managed... just to beat a lower division side on penalties. Can you believe that? On penalties? Huh. That's an achievement? After spending £110 Million on new players? NOT.

The highlight of Dalglish's season was winning a lowly competition derided by many other clubs. When he was manager first time round - 20 years ago, the Carling Cup was worthy of effort. Second only to the F.A. Cup in English Cup competitions.

Things have changed in the 20 years since Dalglish was a Liverpool manager. The primary competition is now the Champions League. Second best is the Premier League. Next in cup competition is the F.A. Cup. Finally, scratching round for scrap ends is the Carling Cup. (Formally known as the League Cup)

What has gone wrong at Liverpool? Try plenty. Liverpool were disastrous in mid-season. I resisted the strong temptation to blog on their dire performance, when they were beaten by or could not outplay such lowly clubs such as wigan, fulham, bolton, stoke, wolves, blackburn, west brom and newly promoted clubs swansea and norwich.

Liverpool finished their lowest position since promotion to the top division. They finished below their local rivals Everton, who spent almost nothing by comparison with Liverpool's spending on players.

A major bone of contention has to be the players Dalglish bought. Carroll has under-performed spectacularly since his move from Newcastle.

Stuart Downing has been an abysmal failure on the left wing. He has not scored this season.

Jordan Henderson has been consistently inconsistent.Aside from his goal in the last home game at Anfield.

Enrigue lost possession that embarrassingly led to goals on too many occasions to dismiss as one-offs. He is a liability. He should not wear a Liverpool shirt.

Charlie Adam is a good player, hit by injury. In the late part of the season he lost confidence and his passing skills became erratic.

Bellamy was a gift. A total gift. He lifted the team in many games, but his knees are shot. At 33, he's seeing out his last year. 30 mins as a second half sub is about the strength of his game before he retires.

I wrote earlier in the year, I just knew Dalglish was the wrong man for the job.

Why? You cannot go backwards to recapture the past. The past is dead. Its history. I can and will expand on this at another time.

How? Dalglish was a man born of the glory days of Liverpool club and he embraced a certain ethos. That ethos is not wrong, but the world has changed. The world has moved on. The modern world of football is not the same as that of 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

I have to ask. How can the mental framework set 20 years ago work in today's environment?

Answer: It can't.

That's why Dalglish was wrong for the job.

If we expand the argument a little, it will also explain why Arsene Wenger is no longer the right man for the job at Arsenal. Wenger did an amazing job in North London, but he now lags behind. His ideas and methodolgy, slowly grow outdated. I can state openly that Arsenal will achieve little under Arsene Wenger. Its not that he's a bad coach. He's not. But the cycle has moved beyond him.

Its kinda like David Bowie trying to play rap. It just won't fit. He hit his musical peak in the 80s or 90s. Now rap is on the scene, he has been by-passed by musical evolution.

This is known as evolution or churn.

Its not just football managers or music stars that suffer, major corporations also suffer. I wrote a while back about Kodak, the worlds biggest photo company, the went into bankruptcy.

How can that happen?

Why does it happen?

There is a constant decay, an ageing of any system. All systems become outmoded, eventually replaced by new systems that are more streamlined, more efficient, more effective, or simply break through to a new methodology. This has happened countless times in warfare, in manufacturing, in art, in technology, in politics, and in sport.

Ya know its gonna happen (Well some do. The others bury their head in the sand. Is that an ostrich I see before me?). The toughest part is being aware of the changes as they happen and riding on the crest of the wave.

It was a bad move for Livepool FC management to cling to the past. To claim the future, you must employ the visionaries of the future. Looking backwards, you only go backwards.

The future is created by the vision, energy and capacities of the young.

Why cant people see that?