How To Buy Happiness - NOT


I came across this article today and had to laugh at the article's premise, which is totally misconceived. The article starts by explaining that we're buying happiness in the wrong things and with a slight adjustment, buying the right things will bring us the correct level of happiness.

Ya know. Ya buy your iPhone or iPad and get some ephemeral short lived feeling of joyfullness. Your uplifted, happy and a few weeks later, its just another object among your many possessions. Useful but not blissful. Go out and buy something else for that deep contented feeling of sheer bliss.

Although the article author may be heading in the right direction, he is on the wrong road. Happiness does not reside in people or in things. If it did, once you bought something that made ya happy, the happiness would not evaporate. But, that's not the case. Ya buy a new suit, dress, TV, camera, house or car, and a few weeks later all that joy associated with it, has drained away. How come?


Happiness does not reside in people or things.

Happiness resides in your own heart. All you need do is search for it and find it. 

The above mentioned article on happiness, outlines six points, listed below:

Spend money on doing stuff, rather than buying stuff
Go on safari, that will provide lasting happiness... NOT

Measure your pleasure in many small doses
Shag frequently, that will provide lasting happiness... NOT

Thinking about what's not on your mind is important
Try to think about what's not on you mind... Err what? WTF? NOT

Be charitable with your money and feel the benefit
Give money. Then you will find lasting happiness... NOT

Enjoy the anticipation, rather than the past
Being hungry is better than eating? WTF? ... NOT

Comparison-Shopping sites are best avoided
Must be avoided at all costs. They lead to terminal depression and suicide? NOT

External objects, whether its an iPhone, iPad, Bachelor Pad, Ferrari, or whatever else that makes ya sing, all these things, only bring temporary happiness. The source of lasting happiness, (bliss) is buried deep within you. Go find it.

Then, unlike the dog chasing the car, you won't need to run after things for your happiness.

You already have it. 


Update - 22 Jan 2013

I came across this article today, on

How to Spend Your Way to Happiness

It pretty much confirms what I blogged and some more.

Go take a look.