England Blues

Three Lions

England football team proudly sport a predominantly white kit. At this years Euro 2012 competition, in the Ukraine and Poland, they will wear blue. I'm not talking about the colour of the shirts, shorts or sox. I'm talking about their demeanor.

In Group D, England face France, Sweden and hosts Ukraine. France will thrash England, Sweden are a very good side and seem to come good at each Euro competition. Ukraine as hosts will have home support. England have close to zero chance of progressing through the group stage.

England recently appointed Roy Hodgeson as England coach, a poor second choice to Harry Rednapp of Spurs. Rednapp is street-wise, with good tactical nous and the ability to unite a team and bring the best out of his players. He builds strong rapport and bonds with them. Rednapp has taken Spurs from nowhere to a top 4 finish with a chance of Champions League football next season.

The 'FA', English football's management team and governing body, that sit anonymously behind closed doors and mis-manage its operations. They recently announced to the amazement of the footballing world, that Roy Hodgeson, (who?) was to be the next England Manager.

The 'FA' have repeated the reprehensible mistake of '96, by NOT appointing the best man for the job. In 1996, Terry Venables took charge and orchestrated England to play some great football during the Euro '96 tournament. England beat Holland 5 - 1. Hard to believe that score line, but they did. And they did it playing great football. England were knocked out in the semi-final against Germany and lost in a penalty shoot out. Gareth Southgate missing a penalty for which he will never be forgiven or forgotten.

After the tournament, the eunuchs sitting at the 'FA', once again played their ace card and didn't hand a contract to one of the best coaches to ever manage an England side. Venables was replaced by the laughable efforts of Glenn Hoddle. Instead of securing Venables services, the 'FA' insisted on a 'beauty parade' of which Venables would have no part. Either they give me the job or they find someone else. I'm taking no part in a beauty parade.

Hoddle went on to prove how incapable he was when the England team were dumped out out of the competition.

Woy of the Wovers is now England Manager. (Hodgeson has a speech impediment and cannot pronounce R').

Its May right now, but come July 2nd when the competition ends, the English tabloid press will be baying for Hodgeson's blood. The 'FA' will realise they have screwed up again, but there will be no public admission. English football will continue to suffer at the hands of the incapable on the field and just as importantly off the field.