Liverpool Pain Continues

Woeful Performance
This is a not a football blog, so I resisted the urge to post on Liverpool's recent poor performances. Liverpool were held to a 0 - 0 draw against Wigan who sat in the bottom three of the Premier League on the 21 December 2011. On the 26 December 2011, Blackburn who sat bottom of the league, held Liverpool to a 1 - 1 draw. On the 5 December 2011 Liverpool were beaten 1 - 0 by mid-table Fulham.

It's not a one-off. Liverpool have been consistently poor against lowly sides. If Liverpool cannot cane a team dwindling in the relegation zone (the bottom three), they have a mountain to climb. Any hopes of becoming a dominant force in English and European football are grossly misplaced. Delusional.

Yesterday, Manchester City thumped Liverpool 3 - 0. Liverpool's aspirations to be a top four side and get back into the European Champions League are at best pitiful.

The £35 Million purchase of Andy Carroll looks like a bad move as Carroll has underperformed and failed to score consistently. Carroll scored 5 goals in 29 appearances. Compare that with Sergio Aguero who moved to Man City, in July 2011. Aguero cost Man City £38 Million. Aguero has scored 17 goals in 27 games.

Liverpool lack a goal scorer, a poacher. The likes of Ian Rush, Robbie Fowler or Torres. Fowler scored 183 goals in 369 games. An average of a goal every two games. Rush scored 346 goals in 660 games. Again an average of a goal every two games.

Liverpool desperately need a goal scorer. They are badly lacking in that department. They cannot find the net. Defensively Liverpool appear tight. Midfield they have muscle, though they now miss Lucas since his awful injury.

Liverpool have no fire power up front. They are lame and ineffective. Before Liverpool played Man City and ??? a 3 - 0 thumping, Liverpool had conceded the least number of goals in the Premier League. That's quite a defensive achievement.

Man City have scored 56 goals. Man Utd have scored 49. Chelsea have scored 39. While Liverpool have scored a pitiful 24. Less than half Man City or Man Utd managed.

Liverpool miss Fernando Torres. At his peak Fernando was hitting 3 goals every 4 games. Even the legendary Ian Rush cannot match that statistic. Torres was on fire in the 07 - 08 and 09 - 10 seasons. Sadly in his last season at Liverpool Torres netted only 9 goals in 26 appearance.

Since his move to Chelsea, Torres has scored 5 goals in 30 appearances, making Andy Carrolls goal tally look almost acceptable. Liverpool miss Torres and Torres misses Liverpool.

This is an easy question that answers much. If you look at the top team in Europe, say Barcelona or Real Madrid, how many of the current Liverpool squad would make it into the Barca team? How many would make t into the Real Madrid team? This is a good gauge to measure the quality of your team.

In answer to the question, I guess only 3 or 4 of the current squad would make it into the Barca or Real teams.

Not wishing to be an I-Told-You-So, but I told you so. I earnestly believe Kenny Dalglish is not the right man for the job. He's past his sell-by-date. When you look at the achievements of Pepe Gardiola and Jose Marienho, you can only conclude that 'King Kenny' is no longer 'King'.

Liverpool have to stop looking to the past and start creating the future. They need a young, technically minded, continental, forward looking coach to rediscover their glory days. The game has moved on. Liverpool need to.