Don't Talk To Cops - Part 2

Bite Your Lip
Following on from the previous post, here's the second part of Don't Talk to Cops. Appropriately titled: The Other Side of the Story.

In Part 2, George Buch a police officer with the Virginia Beach Police Department, gives his take on why you should NOT talk to the police or answer any questions, without your lawyer present. The second talk gives the police view of getting a statement or a confession.

After a brief intro, officer Buch opens his talk with a few questions;

"Are any of you guilty of anything? How many drive here today? Anybody go above 55 on the interstate? Hold your hands up."

People raise their hands.

Professor Duane off-screen, admonishes them for admitting guilt:

"Why are you holding your hands up. I told you about that."

Uproarious laughter.

Officer Buch continues: "And there you go. People are inherently honest, and that's the problem."

"When I was a police officer in uniform on patrol, I could follow a car however long I needed to and eventually they will do something illegal. And I can pull them over."

"When you get stopped for speeding. Everyone likes to be somewhat honest. First thing police officers asks you? Do you know how fast you were going? If the speed limit is 35, you say, oh 38 - 40. You wanna be kinda honest even though you were doing 50. You just said you were doing 38 - 40. You just admitted to breaking the law. You just confessed. They can go to court with that. That you confessed and get a conviction."

Its worth watching to get an insight into how the police view their work.

Officer Buch: "People are stupid. They do stupid things. They talk to the police." "I've dealt with a 1,000 felonies and 2,500 misdemeanors with a 98% conviction rate. 80% of those I don't even have to go to court. Why? Cos they confessed."

"People like to talk to the Police. They like to tell their story."

"My job is to get you to talk. To develop a great case. A great case is a case with a confession."

Later on in his talk officer Buch honestly states:

"The defence attorney's job is to get to his client and stop him talking to me."

Here's the link to the video: Don't Talk to Cops, Part 2