Liverpool Woes

Here we go again...
Okay, its been a while since I last posted as I was travelling in Asia. I toured Japan, Hong Kong and Korea and had a great time. I felt I had to post on the situation at Liverpool.

If your not a football fan (Soccer to all you american dudes), switch off now. Much has been made of the return of 'King Kenny'. He came in last year and turned things around. Revived flagging fortunes. Picked things up after Roy Hodgson's disastrous tenure. Kenny did the right things to get the team back on track and get Liverpool out the drop zone. Okay that's the good part. Here's the rest.

King Kenny should go.


A few reasons. Allow me list them:

1. He quit Liverpool when things got tough last time round
2. He quit Blackburn after a difficult spell
3. He quit Celtic after a difficult spell

Well, err can anyone see a pattern here???

Don't go backwards unless you want to go backwards.

Question: Does that make sense? Maybe not.

I'll elaborate. How many bands reform after years apart to try and re-capture their glory years.

Answer: Too many

They get together after patching up their differences and personal hostilities. Try to recapture the 'love' they felt back then, and do one more gig for the management (and the bank balance).

What they soon discover is that you cannot recapture the magic and the glory of days gone past. The past glory was a result of actions and events rooted in that time and space/place. Trying to re-create the conditions that contributed to those events is just not possible.

So many external conditions contributed and supported those events, and those conditions cannot be re-created. Its just not possible. So forget it. Move on.

Have ya ever tried to get back with an old flame. Tried to re-capture the magic of your earlier relationship. You can't do it. Forget it. Move on.

Have ya ever met up with old school friends, tried to relive the past, and get shocked at how they changed. How fat they got. How old they got. How rigid/ingrained they become in their ways. Forget it. Bury it. Move on. Go find new pastures.

Ya see things are constantly evolving. Changing. New influences are impacting on situations. You can never recapture the past. You can never re-create those magic moments. They are gone dead. Buried.

So, where does that leave us, 'King Kenny' and Liverpool?

Right now, I'd say 'dead in the water'.

Here is my prediction for the coming season.
  1. After much expenditure on the wrong players, Liverpool will fail spectacularly.
  2. Carroll will fail and become marginal. He's a misfit in the Liverpool squad.
  3. Liverpool will sack 'King Kenny' or 'Kenny' will leave by mutual consent, after a string of mediocre or poor results.
  4. Liverpool will not make a top four finish. They will languish in 6, 7 , 8, or mid-table.
What the new owners need do is find a bright, young, innovative, energetic manager. Someone forward thinking. A young visionary. Some like Pepe Gardiola, perhaps. Forget about the past. Forget about the old. Time to move on.

Embrace the future. Embrace the new.