Using Yum

Yellowdog Updater Modified

Here's a quick simple howto for using YUM on a Fedora, Redhat, CentOS, or other RPM based system.

Update system
yum update

yum search package-name

Info on package
yum info package-name

Install packages. Automatic resolution of dependencies
 yum install package-name

Uninstall packages
yum remove package-name

List Packages
available yum list|less

List all installed packages
yum list installed|less

List all installed packages need updating
yum list updates|less

Cleaning of the system

Yum can leave a lot of chaff on the system. The files are stored in the /var/cache/yum/ directory.  RPM packages can use up a lot of space.

Clean redundant RPM files
yum clean all

Group install
yum groupinstall "groupname"

Remember to include quotation marks

Search package names
yum list something

Find name of package containing file
yum provides filename

List packages recently added to repositories
yum list recent

List software groups
yum grouplist

Install a software group
yum groupinstall "groupname"

Update a group
yum groupupdate "groupname"

Include a yes switch in your request
Use -y for yes

Include a cashe switch in your request
Use -C for cache only

That's about it!