Emacs Dired Commands

Directory Editor

Dired is an extremely useful Emacs command set allowing you the ability to edit directories like files. Dired is invoked inside Emacs using C-x d, producing output similar to Bash 'ls -l' command. This allows file and subdirectory manipulation, which can be enacted immediately or marked for later execution.

Here's a list of useful Dired Commands:

C-x d  -- start dired mode
M-x dired -- start dired mode

Once dired mode starts the following keys effect the actions. Notice character input is upper case not lower.

d -- Delete
o -- open file in other window
v -- view file

C -- Copy
G -- Change group
M -- Chmod
O -- Chown
P -- Print
U -- Undo
X -- Shell command
Z -- Compress

C-g -- Cancel action

That's enough to get ya going!

Enjoy Yourself.