Chrome OS On Your Box

Google Shines

Unless you've been travelling the vast expanses of Siberia, the Amazonian forests, the north African desert, or a similar wasteland, you have probably heard of Google's Chrome OS. Following hot on the heals of their Google Chrome browser, the ChromeOS is designed primarily for laptops, notebooks, netbooks and will probably work on a tablet PC

To ensure, compatibility, speed and stability, Google restricted access to their OS. Primarily making it available pre-installed on new machines, to ensure a fast, stable, product for the user.

While following this line of logic, unfortunately it precludes users with existing hardware.

Ya know the scene, the machine ya bought with Windows pre-installed, which you tore off soon as you got it home, then quietly proceeded to install a Linux distro. Maybe Debian, Ubuntu, Arch or Fedora if you happen to favour RPMs.

Having wiped the evil empires efforts from your machine, and installed Linux, then you hear how good ChromeOS is on a light machine. Now you want to run ChromeOS. Only problem. Google does not offer a download site for their cool operating system. What to do next?

There is a way. Its not guaranteed to work 100%. Its not guaranteed to be headache free. But its still available to those that want it.

Hexxeh has been making ChromeOS available for download to the general public, since ChromeOS hit the streets.

hexxeh offers a daily release of ChromeOS that appears stable, and will probably work with your hardware.

ChromeOS is light, fast and frugal.

If you want to try it on your laptop or netbook, go to hexxeh website and download a USB image. Copy the image to your usb pen, and reboot your machine.

Try it, you might like it!