Conkeror Keys


Here are a few key bindings for Conkeror Web browser

Conkeror is case sensitive.

Command Binding
Go to url or Webjump g
Follow link f
Forward F
Back b (or) l
Reload page r
Reload page, bypass cach C-u r
Reload image i r
Edit url C-x C-v (or) G
Copy current url c 0
Copy link url c
Copy image url i c
Copy url for anchor # c
Copy text of any DOM node * * T c
Save link s
Save image i s
Save media (heuristic search video/audio) e s
Focus link n ;
Focus DOM node * * ;
Next Page (heuristic) ] ]
Previous Page (heuristic) [ [
Submit Form C-c C-c
Zoom In +
Zoom Out -
Zoom Reset =
Text Enlarge C-+
Text Reduce C--
Text Reset C-=

That's about it!