ArchLinux Install Problem

Won't Install

When attempting to do a Net install of Arch Linux on CD, I got the following error message:

"Error boot device didn't show up after 30 secsonds..."
"Falling back to interactive prompt"
"You can try to fix the problem manually, logout when you are finished"
ramfs #

If appears the problem is a symlink was not created. The symlink should point to /dev/archiso, from the device /dev/sr0. If you have SATA devices this can happen. It does not happen if you have ATA.

The fix is to create a symbolic link from /dev/sr0 (DVD ROM) to the ArchLinux ISO at /dev/archiso.

When you drop down to a prompt do:

ramfs # cd /dev
ramfs # ln -fs /dev/sr0 /dev/archiso
ramfs # exit

Another solution to the problem is to run the code that creates the symlink:

ramfs # udevadm trigger
ramfs # exit

That should fix it.