Gnome Nautilus Location Bar

Stupid Pathbar
If you ever use Gnome Nautilus, it has an annoying 'Pathbar' utilising buttons to show your present location and to aid navigation. It feels a dumbed down effort to move around using a mouse, instead of the keyboard.

You can switch from the 'Pathbar' to Gnome's 'Location Bar' by hitting Ctrl-L. But it if you hit 'Esc' or open another Nautilus window, Nautilus switches back to the default 'Pathbar'.

The 'Location Bar' allows you to copy your location entry and dump it to an XTerm or another Nautilus window. The 'Pathbar' does not. You can type the full path to a location rather than mouse click there.

If you want to convince Nautilus to retain the 'Location Bar', you make a change in gconf-editor, Gnome's Configuration Editor. Fire up gconf-editor by clicking:

Applications > System Tools > Configuration Editor

Next click on:

Apps > Nautilus > Preferences

In the right hand pane find always_use_location_entry

Click to put a check in the box adjacent. Nautilus will retain the 'Location Bar'.

You can fire up from an XTerm by typing:


If you find you don't have gconf-editor installed, as root user do:

aptitude install gconf-editor

It will automagically appear in minutes.