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Domain Names 

When purchasing domain names find the cheapest reseller you can. Expensive does not necessarily  mean good service.

Check the domain reseller terms before buying, to ensure you are not committed to hosting with them, or any other clause that restrict usage.

If the domain name looks incredibly cheap, there's probably a catch. Read terms and conditions. 

If its an intro offer at a special price, email customer support and ask how much they charge for domain name renewal, before you commit. A year or two down the road you may regret that temptingly cheap price they hooked you with.

Trust me. Read the small print before you pull the credit card from your wallet.


When it comes to hosting your domain, DO NOT host with your domain reseller.


If you have a problem with billing or charges and it results in a dispute, they can hold your domain hostage, lock the account, delete your domain files and put an advert place holder up instead. They earn money from ads on your domain. You get zero. 

A domain name billing or charges dispute, your looking at $10 or $20. You can easily pay that to settle things.

If you have a billing dispute of 100, $250 or more for hosting, you may not wish to pay till matters are resolved. If you continue to contest it, and lose? Consider the worst that can happen.

Always keep your domain and hosting separate.

Make a back up of ALL your site content, and store it on your home or work computer. Try to keep a current copy, if you can.

If the dispute escalates and the hosting company locks you out and deletes all your files / site content. Do you really fancy rebuilding that website from scratch?

In a previous post I suggested doing some research before you commit to a hosting company. Don't just accept the marketing hog-wash. Check other peoples experience. Look at real feedback. Not marketing hype.

Always read the bad experiences people had, and how the hosting company dealt with it. Read the worst cases and see how the hosting company handled the problems. It says a lot about the company and its ethos.