Chrome 64-Bit Flashplayer Plug-in

A Pain

After installing Google Chrome 64-Bit Browser on Debian, as normally happens, Flash refused to work. Go to YouTube and read the error message.

When you visit Adobe's Flashplugin website, you're advised that if you run 32-bit or 64-bit Chrome browser, Flashplugin is already installed in the browser. All you need do is enable it.



Only its not there. Its not installed by default.

Instead, go to Flash download and pull down the latest version plugin.

Unzip it the tar file. Once you get the plugin, some manual work is necessary.

Open an XTerm or similar, and create Chrome plugins directory

# mkdir /opt/google/chrome/plugins

Copy to chrome plugins directory you just created.

# cp /opt/google/chrome/plugins

Kill and restart Chrome.



You will see:

Shockwave Flash (2 files)
Shockwave Flash 10.3 d162

Go to YouTube and enjoy watching some crappy vids.