Microsoft Loves Linux

MS Linux

Out of curiosity, I wandered over to and ran a check on what servers Microsoft runs for its mail service. I queried Netcraft's database and ran a What's That Site Running? search. If you have never used it, give it a shot it turns up interesting results at times.

Anyhow, it seems Microsoft loves Linux so much, 18 of its 24 Hotmail servers run flavours of Linux OS. Only 6 of the 24 use Microsoft's own Windows Server 2003. Either MS can't afford the licence fees (they are very expensive) or Server 2003 can't handle the workload.

Microsoft's previous server offering, NT was prone to going zombie and a re-boot was the only way to bring it back to life.

Here's a capture a screen capture of the web page.

Would Ford Motor Company use GM vehicles for its operations?

It must be Linux love.