Identify Linux Hardware

What Is It?

Trying to identify the hardware in your box, when you run Linux, can be a wasted effort. Sure there are a few utils to identify some parts of your hardware setup, but its not comprehensive.

Apart from opening the case up and eye balling, how do you find out what you got under the 'hood?

lshw to the rescue. Its not installed as part of the Debian core, but it is available for download from Debian repositories.

You know the routine:

# aptitude install lshw

Once installed, run lshw as root user, to get a complete listing of your hardware setup.

The listing is comprehensive. I got 459 lines output when I ran it on my primary box. So I suggest piping it to a file where you can peruse it at your leisure, or just grep the hell out of it.

# lshw > hardware.list

That's about it.

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