Add Slime To Emacs

Viscous Liquid Matter

SLime. Superior Lisp Interactive Mode for Emacs. Slime is an Emacs mode for editing and working with Common LISP. Setting up Slime is a breeze. Download the CVS file, gunzip it, move the directory and add the directory path to your dot.emacs file.

Slime recommends pulling down the latest CVS version.

After download, gunzip the file:

tar zvxf slime-current.tgz

Delete the tar file and move the unzipped directory.

rm slime-current.tgz

mv slime-2010-12-23 ~/prog/slime

Open dot.emacs file and add the following:

emacs ~/.emacs

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/prog/slime" ) ; slime directory
(require 'slime)

Close, restart Emacs, then start Slime mode:

M-x slime

You'll have the CLISP prompt:


Have a read of the Slime Online Manual. Its worth a look.