Web Browser No Mouse

No Rodents!

I just discovered, downloaded and installed a browser I have been hunting for ages. I guessed it existed, but did not find it. Today, I got it.

Its a special kinda browser. Different. Very different. This browser uses no mouse controls. Understands no mouse controls. Has no buttons to click. No scroll bars to move. No right-click. No left-click. In fact, it has no click.

The browser is called "Conkeror".

A little history. For a while I used KDE 3.5, and I ran with Konqueror, the KDE Web browser. Konqueror was fast and had one other desirable feature: keyboard navigation. When you pressed he 'Alt' key, Konqueror would hi-light all visible links and assign them a letter. You could then jump to a link by hitting that letter. Unfortunately, Konqueror didn't have 'Adblock', and a few other minor issues.

This new special 'Conkeror' with a 'C', apart from the fact its keyboard controlled, has one other very special feature: 'Emacs'.

Conkeror is a Mozilla-based web browser whose design is inspired by Gnu Emacs. This is totally insane. Totally brilliant.

You cannot imagine what a pain it is to lift your hands from the keyboard and move them 12" to your right to pick up the mouse. It is so disruptive to work flow or leisure flow or any kind of surfing the Net.

If you have read Steve Yegge's post on utilising Emacs and the power of the keyboard. Go read it now. It is a 'Must Read'.

Keeping your hands on the keyboard is THE way. Rodent hunt is not!

The key bindings are based on Emacs. Can you believe? When you get used to using Emacs key bindings, using anything else, is so lame.

Believe. It is the way.

Go download, install and start sweating to learn, Emacs. Once you do, I promise, I swear, you will not regret it. You will not look back.

There is just one last piece missing from the puzzle, and I believe I have found that too. Though I have not installed it yet. I am almost there. The final piece is... the desktop.

Watch this space.