Mutt Help

Mutt Help List

^B      M set my... call urlview to extract URLs out of a message
^D      delete-thread               delete all messages in thread
^E      edit-type                   edit attachment content type
^F      forget-passphrase           wipe passphrase(s) from memory
        next-new-then-unread        jump to the next new or unread message
        display-message             display a message
^K      extract-keys                extract supported public keys
^N      next-thread                 jump to the next thread
^P      previous-thread             jump to previous thread
^R      read-thread                 mark the current thread as read
^T      untag-pattern               untag messages matching a pattern
^U      undelete-thread             undelete all messages in thread
'Esc''Tab'previous-new-then-unread  jump to the previous new or unread message
C       decode-copy                 make decoded (text/plain) copy
P       check-traditional-pgp       check for classic PGP
V       collapse-all                collapse/uncollapse all threads
b       M ~b                        search in message bodies
c       change-folder-readonly      open a different folder in read only mode
d       delete-subthread            delete all messages in subthread
e       resend-message              use current message as template for new one
k       mail-key                    mail a PGP public key
l       show-limit                  show currently active limit pattern
n       next-subthread              jump to the next subthread
p       previous-subthread          jump to previous subthread
r       read-subthread              mark the current subthread as read
s       decode-save                 make decoded copy (text/plain) and delete
t       tag-thread                  tag the current thread
u       undelete-subthread          undelete all messages in subthread
v       collapse-thread             collapse/uncollapse current thread
        display-message             display a message
#       break-thread                break the thread in two
$       sync-mailbox                save changes to mailbox
%       toggle-write                toggle whether the mailbox will be rewritten
&   link-threads                link tagged message to the current one
.       buffy-list                  list mailboxes with new mail
@       display-address             display full address of sender

Upper Case

C       copy-message                copy a message to a file/mailbox
D       delete-pattern              delete messages matching a pattern
F       flag-message                toggle a message's 'important' flag
G       fetch-mail                  retrieve mail from POP server
J       next-entry                  move to the next entry
K       previous-entry              move to the previous entry
L       list-reply                  reply to specified mailing list
N       toggle-new                  toggle a message's 'new' flag
O       sort-reverse                sort messages in reverse order
P       parent-message              jump to parent message in thread
Q       query                       query external program for addresses
R       recall-message              recall a postponed message
T       tag-pattern                 tag messages matching a pattern
U       undelete-pattern            undelete messages matching a pattern
V       show-version                show the Mutt version number and date
W       clear-flag                  clear a status flag from a message

Lower Case

a       create-alias                create an alias from a message sender
b       bounce-message              remail a message to another user
c       change-folder               open a different folder
d       M set tra...Gmail           delete message
e       edit                        edit the raw message
f       forward-message             forward a message with comments
ga      M =[...                     Go to all mail
gd      M =[...                     Go to drafts
gi      M =INBOX<...             Go to inbox
gs      M =[...                     Go to starred messages
h       display-toggle-weed         display message and toggle header weeding
j       next-undeleted              move to the next undeleted message
k       previous-undeleted          move to the previous undeleted message
l       limit                       show only messages matching a pattern
m       mail                        compose a new mail message
o       sort-mailbox                sort messages
p       print-message               print the current entry
q       quit                        save changes to mailbox and quit
r       reply                       reply to a message
s       save-message                save message/attachment to a mailbox/file
u       undelete-message            undelete the current entry
v       view-attachments            show MIME attachments
w       set-flag                    set a status flag on a message
x       exit                        exit this menu
y       M unset t...                Gmail archive message
|       pipe-message                pipe message/attachment to a shell command
[Down]  next-undeleted              move to the next undeleted message
[Up]    previous-undeleted          move to the previous undeleted message
[Enter] display-message             display a message

Generic Bindings

[Return]select-entry                select the current entry
^L      refresh                     clear and redraw the screen
[Esc]/  search-reverse              search backwards for a regular expression
!       shell-escape                invoke a command in a subshell
*       last-entry                  move to the last entry
/       search                      search for a regular expression
1       jump                        jump to an index number
2       jump                        jump to an index number
3       jump                        jump to an index number
4       jump                        jump to an index number
5       jump                        jump to an index number
6       jump                        jump to an index number
7       jump                        jump to an index number
8       jump                        jump to an index number
9       jump                        jump to an index number
:       enter-command               enter a muttrc command
;       tag-prefix                  apply next function to tagged messages
<    previous-line               scroll up one line
=       first-entry                 move to the first entry
>    next-line                   scroll down one line
?       help                        this screen
H       top-page                    move to the top of the page
L       bottom-page                 move to the bottom of the page
M       middle-page                 move to the middle of the page
Z       previous-page               move to the previous page
[       half-up                     scroll up 1/2 page
]       half-down                   scroll down 1/2 page
j       next-entry                  move to the next entry
k       previous-entry              move to the previous entry
n       search-next                 search for next match
q       exit                        exit this menu
t       tag-entry                   tag the current entry
z       next-page                   move to the next page
[Down]  next-entry                  move to the next entry
[Up]    previous-entry              move to the previous entry
[Left]  previous-page               move to the previous page
[Right] next-page                   move to the next page
[Home]  first-entry                 move to the first entry
[F1]    M zcat /u...                show Mutt documentation
[PgDn]  next-page                   move to the next page
[PgUp]  previous-page               move to the previous page
[Enter] select-entry                select the current entry
[End]   last-entry                  move to the last entry

Unbound Functions

next-unread-mailbox                 open next mailbox with new mail
delete-message                      delete the current entry
group-reply                         reply to all recipients
imap-fetch-mail                     force retrieval of mail from IMAP server
purge-message                       really delete the current entry, bypass trash
+                                   folder
tag-subthread                       tag the current subthread
next-new                            jump to the next new message
previous-new                        jump to the previous new message
next-unread                         jump to the next unread message
previous-unread                     jump to the previous unread message
decrypt-copy                        make decrypted copy
decrypt-save                        make decrypted copy and delete
tag-prefix-cond                     apply next function ONLY to tagged messages
end-cond                            end of conditional execution (noop)
search-opposite                     search for next match in opposite direction
current-top                         move entry to top of screen
current-middle                      move entry to middle of screen
current-bottom                      move entry to bottom of screen
what-key                            display the keycode for a key press