More DVD Backup In Linux

Burn Some More

DVD backup on Linux using dvd::rip. Its similar in many ways to Thoggen. Using a GUI front end and most actions are accessible via point and click. DVD::Rip is easy to use.

If you run Debian, the install is a breeze. Use aptitude to search for the dvd::rip, to ensure your repositories are set up correctly.

If its there, just do:

aptitude install dvd::rip

After a few minutes, your up and running. Full documentation for dvd:rip, is available at dvd::rip site. I suggest you take a read of the documentation.

dvd::rip supports a whole range of codecs including, Xvid, ffmpeg4, DivX 4/5, mjpeg, and many others.

DVD audio codecs are usually encoded using the AC3 format. dvd::rip also supports MP3 and Vorbis.

The following container formats are supported: AVI, OGG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2.

If you run Debian, pull it down and give it run.