Cool FTP Client

There are a number of GUI FTP clients kicking around, available for Linux and Windows.

FileZilla is one I've used, and as GUI's go it's fine. Simple to use. Fairly intuitive. Point 'n' Click file transfer. When I last used FileZilla it was slow because of the tasks I had to complete. There are other GUI FTP clients available, but they mostly work the same.

Enter LFTP. A powerful, flexible command line FTP client. It feels right at home in an XTerm.

I normally use LFTP for File Transfers. If you use the command line, then you will feel right at home. It has so many nice touches. It feels like a Bash session.

LFTP has tab file name completion. History recall. Globbing. Wild card listing. Job control (foreground, background, suspend, kill, wait) cat, chmod, find, mkdir, more, pwd, rm, rmdir.

And much of the usual stuff you've grown use to in Bash.

To install lftp, do:

aptitude install lftp

Using lftp is a synch. To connect to an FTP server, do:

lftp ftp.debian.org

To end your session:

Ctrl-D or 'exit'

Check out the man page for an exhaustive list of options and possibilities.