DVD Backup

Linux DVD Backup Made Easy

You built up your collection of shiny DVD movies and music, and a friend asks to borrow one or two so he can enjoy some old films over the weekend. Cos he's a good friend, you lend him that prized rare Criterion Collection Copy of one of your fav's.

He returns the DVD on Monday, as promised, but his dog got to it and the scratches are deeper than an open cast mine. Its probably unplayable. You know in your heart you should have made a back up copy. But how?

Thoggen. That's how.

Thoggen is a DVD backup utility to protect your precious personal DVD collection. Thoggen allows you to make back up copies of all your favourite DVDs. Its designed to be easy to use and mostly hides unnecessary complexity from Joe Public.

Thoggen is available for Debian. Its in the sid/unstable packages, and you will probably need the  libdvdcss2 library package from Christian Marillat's repository.

Thoggen is also available for Fedora / Redhat and Ubuntu.

Ubuntu users should check out the Ubuntu restricted formats wiki page.

Go download Thoggen and backup that precious DVD collection now.