Debian & GCC

Gnu C Compiler

After you complete a new minimal install of Debian, and have your machine purring like a tuned Formula One engine, you will notice a number of things do not get installed by default. That's why you went minimal.

Perl and Python scripting languages are auto-installed, but not a 'C' compiler. As you're running Gnu/Linux, you probably want to use the Gnu 'C' compiler.

To get Gnu 'C' Compiler and set up a proper environment to compile programs written in 'C', run the following as root:

apt-get install glibc-doc manpages-dev libc6-dev gcc build-essential

That will get you up and running.

You can enhance the install further by also adding the following:

gcc-multilib make manpages-dev autoconf automake1.9 libtool flex bison gdb gcc-doc libc-dev

That's about it!