Blank DVDs & CDs

Coasters No More

We've seen the coasters laying on the floor or thrown to the waste bin. Tossed aside in frustration at another failed burn.

Burning data to a blank CD or DVD is a painless process on most current OS. Whether you run Linux, Mac or Windows there are apps available that make CD or DVD burning painless. The problems come later when you need to pull the data back off the media and you find it was somehow corrupted.

Generally, the corruption has little to do with you or the OS you used to burn your data. Most failed CDs / DVDs are a result of poor quality blank discs. Even if you buy name brands such as Sony, Maxell, Imation, Philips, etc, you will still get coasters. Why?

Poor Media.

Most blank media is made by a handful of companies and then re-branded before shipping. A Sony blank DVD could be made in the same factory as the unknown brand sitting next to it on the shelf selling for half the price.

To make matters worse, there are no external markings to indicate where or who pressed the blanks you buy. You can test your CD/DVD blanks by putting one in your DVD burner and firing up your burning app. In Windows you should give Imgburn a shot. Its free, easy to use and displays data about the coasters your about to create.

The only quality media to buy are JVC, Taiyu Yuden or Verbatim (Mitsubishi). These will burn safely and stay readable at some future date.

The problem with other inferior media is a combination of:
  • The dye layer
  • The burner
  • The burn speed
Many blanks cannot take a high-speed burn. The dye layer is not good enough to take the rapid burn. A slower burn would reduce the risk of burn errors.

I've had blank media fail on me several times in the recent past. Cheap CDs/DVDs are a waste of money.

If you value your CD/DVD data. Avoid cheap media. Ensure you burn at the recommended speed for the blanks. Ensure you have a good quality burner installed.