Billy The Billboard

Do What?

use Host Gator for hosting a few websites. I posted earlier about a guy who had a Host Gator logo tattoo. I felt I the need to expand a little on this one. This young guy has several company logos tattoo'd across his body. He is actively seeking sponsors for the other parts which are presently blank.

Check out this page on the Host Gator blog.

Billy has offered his forehead for anyone interested. Bids in the region of $8,000 considered.

I found it real strange that anyone would want to deface their body in that way.

I understand that at the present time its vogue to 'ink the skin yer in'. But as with all fashions and trends, they pass.  Today's fashion is tomorrow's passe. The bigger problem with tattoo's being all the rage right now, is what will they look in 5 or 10 years time? Will they still be fashionable? Will tattoo's look like a throw back to abhorrent age?

Remember the fashion of the 80's? Would anyone dress that way now? Big hair and bad make up? I don't think so!

Yet the problem of ink permanency remains. The tattoo may fad a little, but its not about to go away. This strikes me as a bad idea.

Everyone to their own.