Copying Files Across Network

From Here To There

Copying files across machines is a simple matter of running a 'cp' copy command. Trusted old workhorse 'cp' has been replaced with 'scp' for copying files securely across a network. With the lack of trust in modern computing, passing raw data across a network is verboten. Data is encrypted before its copied from host to host.

Before you can copy files across, you must have an account or username for both machines or you will not be able to copy. When you start the copy, the destination machine will ask for username and password. Err, think security.

I am logged in on host firstbox and want to copy dumb.txt file to secondbox across a network, and put the file in my home directory, do:

scp dumb.txt jon@secondbox/home/jon

or if you don't know the machine name use its ip address:

scp dumb.txt jon@

Copy two files across:

scp one.jpg two.jpg jon@secondbox/home/jon

Copy a directory called dumbdir and its contents, use -r to copy recursively:

scp -r /dumbdir jon@secondbox/home/jon

To copy from Windows box to Linux box, use Putty.

You can also try PSCP or WinSCP.