Man is Manual

Using The Man

The man page is a great way to get more info or details on a command or function. Some man pages are verrrrrrry long. (Check out man xterm). Scrolling through to find what you need can be time consuming and tedious.

A quicker way to find stuff in a man page is to use forward and backward search.

Open a man page in XTerm and hit the '/' key, then enter a search string:

man wget


Hit '/' key then hit [ enter ].  This will search for the next instance of http. Each instance of http will be highlighted. Hitting 'n' key will move to the next instance of http till you get to the bottom of the man page.

You can backward search using


Hitting the 'n' key will continue backward jumping to next instance of http it finds till you get to top of the man page.

You can scroll forward and backwards a page at a time using 'f' and 'b'.

f scroll down a page

b scroll back a page

To exit the man page, hit 'q'.

To get more info on man do:

man man

You'll find some useful stuff in there.