CSS Terms

This 'n' That

Here are a few CSS technical terms that may help in understanding CSS and hopefully make life easier.

Container Box

A box containing other elements. The elements can be other boxes, images or text. Body tag is a container block. Html tag is a container block. Footer tag is a container block.

Block Level

Elements formatted as a block or box. Text paragraphs are block level elements.

Inline Level

Elements that don't form a new block. The element is contained within a line. Bold text or Italic text are line elements.

Normal Flow

The normal way a document displays if no position or float format is given.

Out Of Normal Flow

A block out-of-normal flow is ignored completely by content.

Static Position

A block in normal flow.

Float Position

A block taken out of normal flow and positioned to left or right of container box. Content flows on side of floated box.

Relative Position

Elements are positioned in normal flow and moved. Elements that follow act as though relative positioned element was still in normal flow.

Absolute Position

Block is moved entirely out of normal flow.

Fixed Position

Elements moved out of normal flow. Elements will not move for page scroll.