Convert CHM to HTML

Getting Converted

If you have CHM files from your Windows travels and need to convert them to regular HTML format, you can do it in Linux fairly simply.

CHM files are a proprietary format from Microsoft and stands for Compiled HTML. Microsoft uses three letter extension to file names.

Linux has a useful utility for doing the conversion, chmlib.

If you run Debian, search and install with aptitude:

aptitude search libchm
i  libchm-bin  - library for dealing with Microsoft CHM files
p  libchm-dev  - library for dealing with Microsoft CHM files

i A libchm1    - library for dealing with Microsoft CHM files  

Install using aptitude:

aptitude install libchm

If you can't find it on your distro servers, its available for download at this location.

To convert files do:

extract_chmLib  book_name.chm  work_dir


extract_chmLib is name of binary
book_name.chm is chm file to convert
work_dir is directory name for converted files