Chrome Extensions

Slow Slow Quick Slow Slow

I had eight Chrome Extensions installed to aid web usage. After some months my web browser has slowed a lot. I first noticed it a few weeks back, along with a general slowing of my box. I switched desktop environments, which helped, but the browser was still sluggish.

Chrome is one of the faster browsers, if not quite the fastest, and yet here I am waiting for pages to load. Its not that I'm impatient. Its more the machine and software combo is not running at speeds they should.

I checked a few things and deduced the Chrome Extensions were responsible. I was right. Straight away I disabled ALL Chrome Extensions. Voila. Browser speeds are back as they once were.

I browse a few websites and find the browser is invaded with adverts, of all kinds. Flash seems to be the worst. Boxes floating across the screen. Why do people put up with this? I conclude I cannot live without Ad-Block. I enable Ad-Block extension once more.

With Ad-Block back in action, working its magic, the ads are no more browser speed is still fast. No noticeable drop off in response.

Remember. The more Chrome Extensions you have running, the more it will slow down your browser. Disable the Extensions you don't need running 24/7.

Of course you can still activate your Chrome Extensions when you need them and turn them  off for your day to day browsing, and keep your speed.