CHM To PDF In Linux

Non to Portable In Easy Steps

If you need to convert CHM files to PDF there's a program for doing the conversion. Actually its a script. You can find it at Google Code.

The script requires chmlib pychm and htmldoc.

I previously posted on converting CHM compiled html format to open html using chmlib. I also posted on converting HTML files to PDF using HtmlDoc. The only newbie is pychm.

Anyhow after downloading the script. Open it up, then as root, run the install script.


tar xzvf chm2pdf-0.9.1.tar.gz

cd chm2pdf-0.9.1


python install

Using chm2pdf

/usr/bin/chm2pdf --book input_file

Other Version

There's an amended version of the same script at:

Maybe try this version instead.

Thats about it!