LXDE Revisited

Light Fast Sweet

I endured Gnome bloat for a couple of months now and could not live with it any more. My machine was getting so slow, you could make coffee while it executed a simple task.

My machine felt like it was moving through treacle. Slow is not the way to go.

Soooo. I ripped out Gnome and re-installed LXDE.

Wow what a difference. The snappy response is back. It can still slow on some tasks, I'm not sure what's causing that, and I'll look into it. But in the main, I have to say, LXDE is the way to go.

Who needs fast when you can have bloat? Not!

When you get used to fast, bloat becomes unnecessary and unbearable.

For the time being...

LXDE is the one for me!!!