Benitez Rafalution?

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Here's a post I wrote on 24/04/2010. It was left in draft form till today. I was gonna finish, then post. Somehow I didn't get round to it. Anyhow here it is:

I read an article on a Liverpool Blog a few weeks ago, and I have to say it was authoritative, well researched, well presented and...


The main thrust of the blog was how good a manager Benitez is and has been. The points argued were supported with statistics showing Benitez to be the second best Liverpool manager of all time. Believe!

Okay. Stop laughing now. I have to add the author, Mr Tomkins is wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Benitez is not a good manager. He is at best, average.

Maybe he was good at one time (please note past tense). But no more.

He has failed spectacularly this season and how the American duo of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum got duped into agreeing a five year contract worth £20 million is beyond me and many in the footballing fraternity.

Benitez is a failure. He is as much a failure as Houlier before him. He may have done some good. But nowhere near enough.

Why do I say this? And how can I support this claim?

Look at the evidence.

He has spent...£292 million on reshaping his squad.

He sold Alonso, one of the best players at Liverpool. He bought too many average players that should never wear the red shirt at Anfield.

How many players in the current squad would make it into the teams at Chelsea, Man U or Arsenal? Exactly. If you get past three, you can stop counting. Maybe two? Benitez has overseen so many bad buys, he'll soon have a stable of donkeys.

Meanwhile across the road at Everton, David Moyes spent £20 million in the same period. Everton are three points behind Liverpool and two places behind them in the league. Everton would have overhauled Liverpool had they not had so many injuries this season. They have been snapping at Liverpools heels for too long.

Benitez is a no-hoper. He is past his sell by date. In the past I've expressed my reservations about Benitez. Sadly, Benitez is proving me right.

David Moyes for next Liverpool manager, anyone?