Linux And RAR Files

Wrap It Up

There is no denying the Windows world exists along with many of its proprietary utilities such as RAR files. These populate the Net in one form or another. If you're not running on the windows platform how do ya deal with these? The answer is ... easy. Linux has developed many tools to interact with all forms of data no matter how its packaged.

To open/unwrap/unpackaged RAR files linux has developed unrar. Its probably already installed on your system. Check it out by typing

which unrar

If you get a response such as


Its already on your system. If its not on your system you can download and install it using apt-get or aptitude:

aptitude install unrar

Dealing with WinRAR/RAR files is not a big issue.

To extract RAR files, do:

unrar e filename.rar

To list file contents:

unrar l filename.rar

To test file archive:

unrar t filename.rar

To print file to stdout

unrar p filename.rar

There are many switches to change unrar output.

Check out the man page

man unrar