Linux And Par Files

Parity Is Equality

You ever download something from the Net and found a parity file? Wonder what that file is and what it does?

Parity file is a means ensuring the integrity of a file. A par file is a way of checking the file is not broken and if it is, you can fix it. The par file contains enough info to fix your broken download.

How good is that?

The rest of the good news is Linux has a full blown parity checker, usually in-built into most distros. Check to see if you got it:

which par2

Something like 


You got it. Its on your system and your good to go. If not you can install it easily using one of Debian's excellent installers apt-get or aptitude:

aptitude install par2

Check the integrity of your file?

par2 verify filename.par2

Want to fix a broken file?

par2 repair filename.par2

Want to create a new parity file

par2 create filename

There's loads more, if your interested. 

Check out the man page.

man par2