Emacs Minibuffer


Emacs is a great tool, and if you have a mind to endure a chastening experience then I can recommend nothing better than learning to use Emacs. Apart from the hours of frustration you will endure, you will have much fun along the way. Anyhow, what's life without a little frustration? It would not be the same.

When using Emacs occasionally you find yourself dumped in the minibuffer. While there you can access previous minibuffer entries by using the up/down arrows on the keyboard. But as we all know that means taking your hands off the home row which is verboten. A faster more accomplished and wholly satisfying method is to use M-p / M-n.

M-p displays previous entry

M-n displays next entry

Just you navigate up and down a document using C-p / C-n.

You can also use C-a / C-e to jump to start-of-line / end-of-line in the minibuffer.

What fun!