Debian Boot In One Second

Must Be A Record

Continuing with the theme of Debian booting, I came across an old post at Engadget about a Debian boot in less than 1 second. Yes. Believe. The OS is embedded in the motherboard NAND flash chips.

I haven't rebooted Debian since I installed it a few weeks back. As Debian and Linux in general is so stable, the occasional boot is okay, even if it takes a few minutes. Its not like you have to do it every day or every other day.

I reckon it would be better suited to the Windows OS, which gets flaky if its been running for more than a couple of days. When I was running Windows 7, the slow down in performance and poor response would force me to reboot after a few days. Windows was getting as fast as a zimmer frame racer.

The constant reboots that Windows demands would be well suited to this motherboard.