Install Chrome On Debian

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Chrome is not part of the standard Debian software repository, and will not show up if you do

apt-get search google-chrome


aptitude search google-chrome.

Both will draw a blank. Instead go to the Chromium Project site and download a developer release.

Scroll down till you get to Linux and select the 64-bit unstable current version:google-chrome-unstable_current_amd64.deb
If your not running multi-core cpu, or your not sure, go with the i386.deb download.


Once the download is complete, click it and it self-installs, after you give root password.

You need to add a couple of Chrome goodies, like adblock, etc to round it off. I posted on these already.

You can run a search on the blog entries using the search box at the top left hand corner of your browser. Search for something such as chrome and it will pull up all the chrome entries in this blog.

Although its probably familiar territory for most people, I mention this as someone commented on having a problem searching previous blog entries.