Namebench - 60% Faster Web

Go Man Go!

We have a pretty good Net connection. Our ISP, O2 has excellent uptime and speed is okay. The only issue I have is with name resolution. You know, DNS. O2s DNS servers are overworked and most times when our Net connection is slow, its down to the DNS servers not responding quickly enough to DNS requests.

I came across a Google Code utility to speed test available DNS servers in each locale, and suggest alternatives.

If you can speed up your web browsing and it costs nothing, what have ya got to lose? (apart from the time taken to read this post, download the package, install it, run it, and change your DNS entries). Not a lot!

The package is called namebench and can be found at:

I installed and ran namebench, it found a DNS server that was 60% faster than O2s servers which I presently use. After updating DNS server names, web surfing was definitely quicker.

After download, unzip the package and cd into namebench dir. I checked out the README file, starting it was easy. In an XTerm, do:


Silently, namebench runs off and does its thing, then comes back with a few recommendations.

To change your DNS server entries on Debian Linux, as root, open:


copy the DNS entries from namebench, then close and save resolv.conf.

Now enjoy faster browsing at no extra cost.

How good is that?

Hasta luego!