Google Chrome

It Shines

I have been using Google's Chrome browser for more than a year and I am most impressed. I used Firefox for several years, till I switched to Chrome when it hit the download servers.

Its extremely fast, stable and the interface is slick 'n' easy to use.

To date, I have not had Chrome lock up or crash on me, though one of the tabs went into a loop and hogged CPU cycles for a while, before I closed that tab.

Chrome seems to improve with each release.

One thing I disliked about Chrome, was the lack of an ad-blocker. That has now been fixed. For a while, I ran Chrome with a host file filtering ad sites. A plug-in is available to do the job.

Chrome works well with Google Mail.

Recent stats suggest Chrome has 5% market share, beating Apple's Safari into 4th spot.

I use Chrome on both Linux and Windows.

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a shot. You might like it.