All Round Shadow In Photoshop

Dark Halo

A little more on shadows in Photoshop. If you wish to produce an "All Round Shadow" in Photoshop, this too is easy after you have spent hours searching a solution.

As with the previous post on Photoshop Drop Shadow, this is pretty much the same procedure. Only at the end do the settings differ. Here's a quick 'n' dirty walk-through.

Fire up Photoshop, open a new blank canvas image. The canvas needs to be bigger than the graphic you want drop-shadowed. Open the graphic you want shadowed.

Ctrl-A > Ctrl-C.

Go to the blank canvas and paste the image.

Ctrl-V to paste image on canvas.

Photoshop should center the image on the canvas.

This creates a new layer. Check this on the Layer Panel, normally on the right.

Double click the new layer to launch a Layer Style properties box.

Select Drop Shadow.

Then set Distance to zero. This is important and produces the "All Round Shadow" we are after.

You can mess around with a few of other the settings such as Spread, Size, Angle, Opacity and Color.

You get a preview to see how the changes affect your image.

Select what ya like, Click OK and save your changes to disk.