ViewSonic VX922 Monitor Fault

Green Power Light Flashes

I bought 2 x ViewSonic VX922 monitors some time ago for gaming and to replace ageing power hungly CRT's. I got the VX922's at a good price and until a few weeks ago both monitors worked perfectly well, apart from a minor issue with the On/Off button.

On one of the ViewSonic's the switch displaced itself and made it difficult to switch the monitor on or off. But you could live with that.

Recently the monitor would spring into life when the machine was powered up, but hung if any game needed to change resolution. At that point, the green power light would flicker on and off, but not generate an image. The screen would black out.

I googled for a solution and found others had the same fault. It was down to a batch of defective capacitors. Seems the monitors normally work till the 3 year warranty expires then fail a few weeks later. In my case, its been close to 4 years. A little outside the warranty period, so I guess I should be happy? But I'm not.

The old CRT's worked for close to 8 years, and one is still in use today (I gave it to a friend). 4 years for a TFT is not good enough. I'd be looking at close to 10. Next time I'll buy a "name brand".

Anyhow, back to the tale of the ViewSonic.

I found a fix on the Net and stripped the defective monitor and took out the main PCB to inspect the capacitors. As many others had discovered, they were swollen as a result of the hydrogen gas produced in the capacitor distorting the outer shell.

I bought replacement capacitors of varying voltage and size to replace the defective units. These cost £2.43.

I'll attempt to solder on the new capacitors and rebuild the monitor tomorrow.

Then I'll update the blog with news of success or failure.