ViewSonic VX922 Monitor Fault Update

Green Power Light Flashes -- No More!!!

Success! Its working.

Well after another trip to the local electrical supply store, I finally got the right capacitors I needed to complete the ViewSonic VX922 repair.

The hardest part was removing the old solder holding the capacitors in place and re-soldering the new ones. This I found difficult as I have done little soldering up to now. After soldering I checked how stable the new capacitors were and found one to be sitting very loose.

I took the precaution of re-soldering it till I felt it was solid in its seat. Then re-assembled the components and plugged in the monitor to see if it worked before replacing the case back and stand.

Pleased when I saw Windows 7 desktop on the screen. It was great. And I saved approx. £125 in buying a replacement monitor.

Don't have time now, but I'll post photos and notes on the work in the next post.

If you have a ViewSonic VX922 with the flashing green light fault. Go for it and save yourself some cash.