Cubecart Pop Up Box

Make It Big

The default size of Pop-up Box in Cubecart can on the small side. To enlarge the size of the Pop-up, do this:

Log In to your server by FTP, go to the skins directory. I use Killer so I'll give that example.


Make a backup copy of the file.

Open the file in a text editor. Find the section:

<div style="text-align: center;">
<a href="javascript:openPopUp('extra/prodImages.php?productId={PRODUCT_ID}', 'images', 548, 455, 0);" class="txtDefault">{LANG_MORE_IMAGES}</a>

548 = width. 455 = height.

Change the numbers to another size.

<div style="text-align: center;">
<a href="javascript:openPopUp('extra/prodImages.php?productId={PRODUCT_ID}', 'images', 600, 600, 0);" class="txtDefault">{LANG_MORE_IMAGES}</a>

These numbers are the width and height of the Pop-up. Experiment to find a size that suits you.


Cubecart Header Image

Change The Look

To replace the stock image that comes with Cubecart 3, with your own personalised image, first download the header file. I use the Killer skin, if your using another theme/skin, replace Killer with the name of your theme/skin. Its located at:


You can edit the file or create a new file with the same or similar dimensions.

When your done, save the file and rename it to "topHeader.gif".

Upload the file to your server using FTP. Place it in the same directory it originally came from:


Your FTP client should ask if you want to replace the existing file. Click yes.

Go to your site and reload the page.

Cubecart Add New Skin

The Skin I'm In

To add a new skin or theme for Cubecart is such a painless process. Google for free skins if you don't want to pay. Download the file, which is normally zipped. Uncompress the file with WinRAR or a similar application.

Most skins come with a Readme text file, containing useful install and other info. Read it!

Fire up your FTP client and log in to your server. Drill down to the skins directory and copy across your new skin there, alongside the default install.

Log In to the admin account. Scroll down to the section headed "Styles & Misc". There's a drop down arrow from which you can select your preferred skin. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Update Settings" to save your changes.

Thats it!

Cubecart Remove Search Box

Where Are You?

Removing the Search Box from the Killer skin is fairly easy, though you will have to download and edit a file.

FTP into your server and locate:


Make a backup copy of the file.

Open the file in a text editor. Find the section:

<div id="sessionBox">
<div style="padding: 15px 8px 15px 15px; margin: 0px;">

Comment out the section so it looks like this:

<div id="sessionBox">
<div style="padding: 15px 8px 15px 15px; margin: 0px;">

Save your changes to file and upload by FTP to the same directory you pulled it from. Overwrite the existing index.tpl.

Reload the page in your browser and the search box will be gone.

Cubecart Latest Products

Show No More

If your running Cubecart 3 and want to remove the "Latest Products" from the home page, its pretty simple. After some searching, I found a simple fix.

Log in as Admin. Then click General Settings and scroll down to the section titled "Styles & Misc". The third drop down menu:

Show Latest Products on homepage?

Select "No".

Click "Update Settings" at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Your done!

Cubecart Killer Skin

Fixed Width

Cubecart comes with the Killer skin which has a variable width. To change Killer so its fixed width, you need to change the layout.css style file located at:


FTP to your server and download the file.

Make a backup copy of the file.

On the Cubecart forums, someone suggested changing body to:

body {
margin: 5px;
width: 800px;

This will change the variable width to a fixed width, but the page will align to the left and not center.

To get the page to center.

Open the file in a text editor. Find the section:

#pageSurround {
width: 98%;
margin: 0px auto;
padding: 5px;

Change it so the width is not a per centage. (98%). Set the width to 800px or whatever width suits your site.

#pageSurround {
width: 800px;
margin: 0px auto;
padding: 5px;

Save the file, then upload the modified file by FTP and overwrite the existing layout.css.


This will give a fixed width and the page will remain centered.

Zen Cart - The Art of E-commerce

Change That Title

Zen Cart's default display identifies the browser title as Zen Cart! The Art of E-Commerce. We need to change this to something more suitable for your site and mine. How?

Fire up your FTP client such as FileZilla, and download this file:


Make a backup copy of the file.

Open the file in a text editor. Find the sections:

define('TITLE', 'Zen Cart!');


define('TITLE', 'Your Web Site Here');


define('SITE_TAGLINE', 'The Art of E-commerce');


define('SITE_TAGLINE', 'Your Tagline Here');

Change the displayed text. Be careful not to delete the single quotes at the start and end ( ' ). They are important.

Upload by FTP the modified file and overwrite the existing.

Your done!

Zen Cart - Tutorials

Noobie Help!

If your new to Zen Cart, as I am, and you've been searching for help on ways to enhance, tweak, modify, edit or change your Zen Cart site in some way. I found a bunch of helpful tutorials.

They're located at:

Check it out. It may have what you need.

Zen Cart - Index Page

Hello & Welcome

The Zen Cart default index page contains a image link promoting a Zen Cart Book. Its a large image and you may not want to promote the book on your site.

You can edit or delete the content from within Zen Cart. Log In as admin and select:

Tools > Define Pages Editor > define_main_page

This opens a text editor within your browser. You can delete any reference to the image and link.

Add your own text and save.

Thats It.

Zen Cart - Welcome Guest

Welcome No More

To stop the "Welcome Guest" message on the index page. Log In as admin and go to:

Configuration > Layout Settings > Customer Greeting > Show On Index

Set it to 0 (zero). This will stop displaying the message.

If you want to change or delete the message, FTP to your server and download the index.php file located at:


Make a backup copy of the file.

Open the file in a text editor. Find the section:

define('TEXT_GREETING_GUEST', 'Welcome < span class="greetUser">Guest!</span>
Would you like to <a href="%s">log yourself in</a>?');

Delete or change 'Welcome Guest! Would you like to log yourself in?'

Only change the displayed text. Don't change the embedded tags.

Upload by FTP the modified file and overwrite the existing.

Your Done!

Zen Cart - Congratulations Message

No More

Zen Cart by default provides a successful install message on the index page. It goes:

Congratulations! You have successfully installed your Zen Cart™ E-Commerce Solution?

To get rid of it you need to FTP to your server and download the index.php file located at:


Make a backup copy of the file.

Open the file in a text editor and find the section:

// This section deals with the "home" page at the top level with no options/products selected
/*Replace this text with the headline you would like for your shop.
For example: 'Welcome to My SHOP!'*/
define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Congratulations! You have successfully installed your
Zen Cart™ E-Commerce Solution.');

Delete the 'Congratulations... ' and add your own text if you wish.

Upload by FTP the modified file and overwrite the existing.

Your done!

Zen Cart - Tagline

Sales Message

To change the default Tagline or Sales Message in Zen Cart, you need to FTP to your server and download the header.php file. If you don't have an FTP client, try FileZilla. Its normally located under:


Make a backup copy of the file.

Open the file in a text editor. Find the section:

define('HEADER_SALES_TEXT', 'TagLine Here');

Then delete or change "TagLine Here". Be careful not to delete the single quotes at the start and end ( ' ). They are important.

Upload by FTP the modified file and overwrite the existing.

You're done!

Zen Cart - eCommerce

Sell Sell Sell!!!

After a few hiccups I finally got Zen Cart installed and running. I don't have much experience with Zen Cart, so a few notes to remind me in case I need to revisit at any stage.

Out of the box Zen Cart is almost usable. But it requires some tweaking to make it work.

First you need a template to change the look and color away from the awful default 'Angry Hulk Green' it comes with. I cannot see any one using it, unless their mission is to drive their customers away. There are lots of free templates available for download. Google them.

After downloading your new template, its probably zipped so upzip or unRAR it. There's probably a ReadMe file inside. Read it. It contains instructions about the install of your template.

Templates are normally uploaded to /includes/templates.

Log In into your Zen Cart site as admin. Normally located at:

Go to Tools > Template Selection > Edit > Template Name > Your New Template.

After that you need to mess around with a few more things to personalize your site and add product and content.

Good Luck!

iPod Nano Blank Screen Problem

White Screen Of Death

I have a 2nd generation black 8GB iPod Nano, a few weeks ago the screen started blanking when it went into power save mode. It continues to play tunes but you don't get any visual display, the screen remains blank. Completely white.

I googled for solutions and found lots of other people have this problem, its so common its no longer classified as a bug, its become an iPod feature.

Disgruntled customers appear on Apple's forum to express their displeasure at the performance of this overpriced under performing hardware. This is not a new problem, I found instances of it as far back as 2006. We are into year four and Apple does not GAF. They are selling their overpriced hardware (iPod, iPhone, iMac) faster than hot cakes.

To date no one has a solution, not even the wizards at Apple.

A lot of people suggest the LCD screen is at fault, but I disagree. After a reset, you often get the Main Menu screen back. Its a software fault and I believe its related to the power saving mode. The problem only occurs after the iPod tries to save battery life and shift to power-save.

If you run the iPod and set it to keep the screen back light on, its blank screen syndrome does not occur.

One possibility is to install Linux on the iPod. This eliminates the bug, the host software and your music or photos along with it. Do a back up first!

I watched a Youtube video showing an iPod running iPodLinux.

Unfortunately there's no iPodLinux for the 2nd Gen Nano, as Apple has protected the 2G Nano with firmware encryption. So that's not a solution I can use!

At this point in time, I'm not sure which way to go.

ViewSonic VX922 Monitor Fault Update

Green Power Light Flashes -- No More!!!

Success! Its working.

Well after another trip to the local electrical supply store, I finally got the right capacitors I needed to complete the ViewSonic VX922 repair.

The hardest part was removing the old solder holding the capacitors in place and re-soldering the new ones. This I found difficult as I have done little soldering up to now. After soldering I checked how stable the new capacitors were and found one to be sitting very loose.

I took the precaution of re-soldering it till I felt it was solid in its seat. Then re-assembled the components and plugged in the monitor to see if it worked before replacing the case back and stand.

Pleased when I saw Windows 7 desktop on the screen. It was great. And I saved approx. £125 in buying a replacement monitor.

Don't have time now, but I'll post photos and notes on the work in the next post.

If you have a ViewSonic VX922 with the flashing green light fault. Go for it and save yourself some cash.

ViewSonic VX922 Monitor Fault

Green Power Light Flashes

I bought 2 x ViewSonic VX922 monitors some time ago for gaming and to replace ageing power hungly CRT's. I got the VX922's at a good price and until a few weeks ago both monitors worked perfectly well, apart from a minor issue with the On/Off button.

On one of the ViewSonic's the switch displaced itself and made it difficult to switch the monitor on or off. But you could live with that.

Recently the monitor would spring into life when the machine was powered up, but hung if any game needed to change resolution. At that point, the green power light would flicker on and off, but not generate an image. The screen would black out.

I googled for a solution and found others had the same fault. It was down to a batch of defective capacitors. Seems the monitors normally work till the 3 year warranty expires then fail a few weeks later. In my case, its been close to 4 years. A little outside the warranty period, so I guess I should be happy? But I'm not.

The old CRT's worked for close to 8 years, and one is still in use today (I gave it to a friend). 4 years for a TFT is not good enough. I'd be looking at close to 10. Next time I'll buy a "name brand".

Anyhow, back to the tale of the ViewSonic.

I found a fix on the Net and stripped the defective monitor and took out the main PCB to inspect the capacitors. As many others had discovered, they were swollen as a result of the hydrogen gas produced in the capacitor distorting the outer shell.

I bought replacement capacitors of varying voltage and size to replace the defective units. These cost £2.43.

I'll attempt to solder on the new capacitors and rebuild the monitor tomorrow.

Then I'll update the blog with news of success or failure.