Chrome Ad Block

Keeping Chrome Clean 'n' Pure

If you use Google's browser, Chrome, and you find the ads getting a little over-bearing, there is a way to block the ads.

An earlier way was to use Ad-Sweep, but it seems that's no longer functioning.

Another way to do it is to use a hosts file.

Host file began life on Unix systems, for finding other hosts on the network. Unix and Linux (in fact any system using TCP/IP protocol) checks its hosts file for entries before it sends a DNS request for a resource address.

By adding entries to your hosts file they effectively become blocked.

Pull down the latest host file available from:

And add it to your hosts file.

On Unix/Linux systems its normally in:


Windows places it in a most obscure location. Something like:


Down load the file and save it with no extension. A html hosts file which was hosts.html or hosts.htm become hosts.

Then start surfing and you should see little or no ads.

You can add further entries to the end of the hosts file for any ads that sneak through.

If you want to go back to surfing the web with ads, rename the hosts file to something like hosts.temp.txt, and your ads will automagically appear. Simple really.

And a big thank you to the folks over at for compiling and sharing their hosts file with the world.