Ubuntu Launching Apps

From The Keyboard

You launch applications by clicking icons on the desktop, in Nautilus file manager, or from the Start Menu. There is another way to launch apps, from your keyboard.

For example, if your typing in a text editor and you need to open browser to search an item, you can launch Chrome or Firefox from the keyboard. Here how:

Press Alt-F2 and a dialogue box opens asking which application to run. Enter the name of the application and it will start.

You need to know the name of the program as some have longer names than your used to.

If you do Alt-F2 and type Chrome, the system responds with:

Could not open location /home/stray/chrome, as it can't find the program.

The Chrome browser is actually named google-chrome.

Type Alt-F2 and enter google-chrome and the Chrome browser opens. To open Emacs 23 just type emacs. For Gedit text editor enter gedit and for a Terminal type gnome-terminal.

As you type the system guesses which program your looking for and attempts to complete the program name for you. As you keep typing it will change what it thinks you want.

You can find the names of the programs you regularly use by right-clicking on the application icon and selecting properties. Its listed after Command.

Its a fast way to launch programs and applications.

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