Caps_Lock As Ctrl Key In Windows 7


To make that redundant, least used and greatly loathed key on the keyboard, the Caps Lock key, do something more useful, you need to make it become a Ctrl key.

In Linux its an easy task. I run Ubuntu 9.10 with the Gnome desktop, and a drunk monkey can do it.

In Windows 7, its not so easy. You can hack the registry but, then if you mess with it, Windows may go on strike. A simpler way is to use AutoHotkey, an open source program to remap they keyboard keys to something other than the default.

Download and install AutoHotkey, when started it opens its config file. Add the following to map Caps Lock to Ctrl so you have two Ctrl keys. I have this setting in Ubuntu.


The config file is named autohotkey.ahk. Save the file, then restart AutoHotkey.

Automagically your redundant Caps_Lock key is useful.

. . .