Photoshop Rotate Image 90 Degrees

Single And Batch Processing

Digital cameras tend to capture an image in landscape layout. If you need to view it in portrait, you have to rotate the image through 90 degrees.

To rotate a image in Photoshop, do:

File > Open > Name-of-file.jpg > Image > Rotate Canvas > 90 CW > File > Save > OK

Your done.

If you want to rotate a folder of images, you must first record and save the actions, then apply the actions to the folder containing the images.

To rotate all the images in a folder using Photoshop, do:

Open a test image in Photoshop ready to record our rotate actions.

Window > Actions > Create Set > Click Menu > New Set > New Action > OK > Image > Rotate Canvas > 90 CW > File > Save > OK > File > Close

Notice I saved and closed the image file. If you don't add this action, when you apply the process to the folder, you'll find Photoshop has kindly opened 40 or 50 files for you to close manually.

We've created our action ready to apply it to all the images in a folder.

Now lets apply the action to the folder images, do:

File > Automate > Batch... > Folder-Containing-Images > OK

That should run through all images in the folder and rotate them through 90 degrees clockwise.