KDE & Windows Network Printer


Connecting KDE to a Windows Network Printer. Here's how:

You'll need your printer PPD file. When you installed the printer in Windows you installed a copy in the Program Files directory. I have a Samsung Postscript printer and the path to the PPD file is:

C:\Program Files\Samsung\Samsung ML-3050 Series PS\Install\PRINTER\PS\English\WINXP2K\Samsung.ppd

Your printer PPD file should be located in a similar location. Go find it.

After you locate your printer PPD file, copy it to a location on your Linux machine. Remember its location you'll need it in a minute.

Still on the XP machine, now go to:

Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Add Remove Windows Components > Other Network File and Print Services > Enable > OK > Finish. You may need your XP install disk.

This enables support for non-windows clients. While your on the Windows machine make a note of the Workgroup and the machine name. You can find these by right clicking on:

My Computer > Properties > Computer Name > Change

This will display the Computer name and the Workgroup. Make a note of both, you'll need them when you get to the Linux box.

Now click Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes > Right click printer > Properties > Sharing

It will display the printer name. Make a note of it you'll need it when you get to your Linux box.

On to the Linux box. In KDE go to:

KControl > Peripherals > Printers > Administrator Mode > Add > Add Printer/Class > Next > SMB shared printer (windows) > Next > Anonymous (no login/password) > Next

Workgroup > Add Workgroup Name

Server > Add Mahcine Name

Printer > Add Printer Name

Next dialogue box is the Printer Model Selection > click Other...

Now you need to point it to the location of the Printer.PPD file you saved earlier, then click OK > Next > Test

Printer should generate a test page, and the system is working.

Click > Next > No Banner > Next > No quota > Next > Denied Users > Next > Name [add your printers name ] > Next > Finish > And your done.

You can now enjoy Linux printing using Windows Network Printer.

That's about it.